Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This evening as we finished dinner & Mason did not want to, he started jumping on the family room couch. When I told him to stop he responded with,
"I'm not jumping, I'm just getting taller & shorter, see, I'm just standing".
So, that's our new definition for jumping around here, just getting taller & shorter.

Monday, June 29, 2009

One brave dad

Todd had a few days off last week. He's been wanting to hike Timpanogos Cave for quite a while. On Thursday he braved it with Sarah & Mason. The kids wanted me to go, I told them I would not make it out of the visitor's center!
To get to the cave they all hiked UP for 1 1/2 hours (starting at 8am). Sarah did not enjoy this very much & let Todd know.
The kids both enjoyed the cave.
Mason did not enjoy coming down from the cave & also let it be known.
They were all tired when they got home. Maybe we'll brave it again next year, without Emma & the new baby. I've only been up there once & it was quite a while ago.

Note Sarah's short hair. I've been begging to take her somewhere to get it cut, not just trimmed. She would not. She told me she wanted me to cut her hair (not something I'm good at!). Finally, with a glint in my eye, I gave in. I took a good 1 1/2 -2 inches off. It looks much better!!! She was NOT HAPPY with me. I told her that's what she gets for making me do it! I think she likes it better now, she just won't admit it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

Today we attended the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House.  The building was very beautiful.  The kids enjoyed seeing the different rooms.  Mason thought it was fun to look at the brochure we'd been given & see the rooms we'd been in.  While we ate cookies at the end & asked the kids their favorite part, Sarah of course, said the cookies.  They did both agree that the Celestial Room was pretty nice.
As we walked out & saw some golf carts the kids really wanted a ride.  We were lucky enough to be able to get on one for a ride to our car (the guy must have had pity on me with my big belly).  So, that made the kids' favorite parts the cookies & the golf cart ride.

Monday, June 22, 2009

You know you live in Utah County when....

Today I went to an OB checkup.  My due date is July 22 (based on my first ultrasound, my second put it at July 15, but the OB is still going by the first).  Anyway, the OB asked what day I'd like to schedule an induction for.  I've never been asked that before!  I was not sure what to say!  
The earliest I can do it, by their dates, is July 15, so that's what I chose.  Todd is starting his time off that day, so if we make it that would work great.  I'm excited to have an end date (as long as the hospital is not bursting at the seams & I can get in for an induction, judging by all the huge bellies at the OB today, it might be full).
We'll see what happens!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mason's prayer

A few weeks ago (I keep forgetting to blog this) Mason gave the opening prayer in primary. In our old ward Sarah always liked to help him, but in this ward Sarah is now in senior primary & junior & senior are never together (there are too many kids!). Anyway, Todd was helping Mason with his prayer. They started out, then Todd whispered something in Mason's ear, & Mason whispered something back, so Todd whispered again, Mason whispered again, Todd whispered again, Mason finally said something in the microphone. This went on a few more times, then the prayer ended.
Todd came back & told me each time Mason whispered back to him he was not asking what, he was telling Todd "pick something different". So, Todd would have to say something else & hope that's what Mason wanted to say. It was really funny.
The next week he gave a talk (his class must have this month & he must keep volunteering or something, Sarah's getting jealous). I helped him & luckily he was okay with what I told him to say.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mom the magnet

I'm busy getting ready for our new arrive within the next month.  This here is what I'm most anxious about though, I can handle the baby, it's the big siblings that are going to be a bit challenging!
Emma is cooperating right now though.  We've borrowed a crib & put it in the alcove of Sarah's room.  Emma is taking her first nap up there right now without any more fuss than usual (she likes to scream for a few minutes before falling asleep).  Hope she'll keep it up!

Sarah's dance recital

Sarah has been taking ballet this past school year.  Her dance recital was last Saturday.  The recital was a production of Cinderella with a ballet company playing the main rolls & the younger classes each having a dance.  Sarah's class were the cats & one of the last dances in the show.  She did a good job & seemed to have fun.  She's not sure if she's going to stay in dance next year or not (she misses her fun class in Minnesota & having Mary Jane in her class).

Swimming lessons

Sarah & Mason took swimming lessons for the first two weeks of summer.  The first week was nice & warm, the next was pretty chilly, but they still seemed to have fun.  They both passed their levels.  I think this might be it for the summer, most of the rest of the sessions look pretty full & I really don't want to sit there with a new baby!  Maybe we'll try again in the fall or winter.

Lagoon Day

Last Wednesday we braved Lagoon with my family.  We go on my parents' Stake Lagoon day, so it's a tiny bit cheaper.  I was a bit nervous about going to Lagoon this year since I've got such a gross, veiny, sore leg that by the end of the day is pretty miserable, especially in the heat.
I lucked out (much to everyone else's dismay).  It was barely 60 degrees for the high (nice) & rained in the evening (a major downpour), so we did not stay past 7:00.  I would have been happy with the cool weather without the rain, but then I probably would have stayed too long & been in real trouble.  As we got to our car, the rain let up, but we were too cold & wet to go back in.
Mason wanted to go on the white roller coaster.  He's 45 inches tall & needed to be 46.  Becky still tried to take him on, but the worker would not let him.  He got to ride the Merry-g0-round instead, except he got stuck on one of the horses that did not go up & down.  It was not a good start to our time at Lagoon.
Sarah did go on the white roller coaster & did not like it.  Puff is still more her speed.  Mason thought this was awesome.

Emma rode Bulgy.  It was really funny!  Her pigtail is her security, she plays with it when she's tired or scared, or sometimes just reaches up to make sure it's still there.  I think she was a bit nervous here before the ride started.  Sarah looks thrilled in the background, she'd wanted to be in Emma's whale with her.
Mason LOVED the bumper cars.  Here he's riding with Becca.  Becky took him on again while we waited in the downpour.  He was supposed to be 46 inches for these too, but the worker did not care, whew.

Sea World at home

A few weeks ago (I'm really behind these days) while mom, dad, Becky, Lori & fam were at Sea World, Lynda & I got together & did our own.
It was a hot day, so I sat in the "splash zone" right by this pool to keep cool.

This thing is the slide for the pool in the last picture.  It's one of those water park things that does not work that well.  After the kids were done swimming I was putting away the box the pool had come in.  My nephew Breton looked at the picture & asked if we could put up the pool that was in it.  I told him that's what he'd been playing in.  The real thing sure did not seem as grand as what was pictured on the box!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

getting on the friend grid

Our new neighborhood/ward has lots of kids in it.  Quite a few match up in age with my kids, which is great.  I'm just getting a little frustrated because we are not on the "friend grid" quite yet.  My kids have played with a few around, but only after I've called & invited them here.  I'm really wanting my kids to get invited somewhere else for a change (it does not help much that we are waiting to get our home phone working properly & not many people have my cell phone number, maybe that's wishful thinking that we are getting invited!).  Not that I mind having kids around usually, but right now I'm just worn out!  I also can't get my kids to just go out & ride bikes or scooters around to see who might be out that they might possibly know to just play with.
This might be a long summer.