Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Mitchell

Mitchell turned one last week, but we were out of town & I did not get to post it.
He ended up having two birthday parties, one on the 3rd with my side, & one on his real birthday with Todd's side while in Park City.

Mitchell was not too excited to open his presents, he was being kind of grumpy.
I'd made eight little cakes for Mitchell. He LOVED it! We gave him a cake & he dug in with both hands. Good thing we were outside.
Mitchell's real birthday at Park City. He was worn out.

We made him a half & half cake to share with his cousin Andora who also has July birthday. Since we were in a hotel we did not let Mitchell dig into this cake like he had the week before. He did enjoy some with grandma neatly feeding it to him.
He's become quite a busy body. Crawling all over & getting into EVERYTHING! He's a cutie though.