Sunday, November 24, 2013

Summer in 100 photos or less

Summer 2013 was REALLY BUSY!!!!

We headed to Flaming Gorge on the last day of school.  We stayed in a really random campground, it was a trailer park.  We had fun but it was sure chilly!!!

The next day we floated the very cold Green River.  We had some pretty good rapids but nobody fell overboard, luckily!  Brrr!

Poor Emma was pretty chilled once the ride was over.
The kids ran a little race at the Utah Valley Marathon, that their uncle just completed.

Sarah had a Jazz recital.  Not sure I love the "foot paws"
I got to go to girls camp.  It was fun!!!  I'm Goldilocks about ready to get pudding smeared all over my face.  Gotta love the young women skits!

Sarah & Emma danced in the ballet Cinderella.  Emma was a palace maid & Sarah was a Duchess & in the Arabian Dance.

We went to Bryce Canyon at the end of June.  It's so pretty!!!!

The kids were good hikers (for the most part!).  We had to threaten Mitchell that he would die if he ran around and fell off a cliff.  It worked since we brought him home in one piece!

Sniffing a tree.  My sister Becky taught them this trick.  Some trees do have kind of a sugar cookie smell.

Bryce Canyon Lodge.  This is really old.  The kids were happy we were not staying here.

Swimming in clothes, a favorite thing, I don't know why.

Tired dude.
Lehi rodeo
4th of July

A fabulous performance with the cousins
My monsters.  This is when we purchased the beloved Piggy
Mitchell's 4th birthday.  He had swimming lessons & later a "crabby patty" birthday cake.


Hike to Battlecreek falls

Mitchell in the train ride thing at the Bountiful Handcart parade.  He looks thrilled.

Fruita, UT, an old town just outside of Capital Reef.

Camping with the cousins at Singletree Campground

Sarah went to Clear Creek, a summer camp for kids just out of 5th grade.  I think she enjoyed it, other than eating school lunch three meals a day and missing our family Lagoon day.

Mason attended Jimmer Jam basketball camp.

Our new jumper.

Emma braved Wicked a few times.

Mason did the Sky Coaster.  He says he'd maybe do it again.

Mitchell loves the bumper cars!!
A day at the zoo.

The hike to Cecret Lake 

At the top of the tram.  This was the first year I was not panicked the entire time that Mitchell was going to run off the edge.

Mason's really growing up!

Mitchell won the family bingo trophy.

Emma got her ears pierced!
I think I made it in under 100 photos!!!
I'm exhausted to remembering the summer!!!  It sure was fun!