Thursday, April 22, 2010

You've got to be kidding me

I woke up this morning to snow. Isn't it April 22? Isn't it a bit late for snow?
My tulips did seem to survive.
By this afternoon it had warmed up to the low 50's, so Sarah was in true form & set up a clubhouse in the swing set. She had an old computer keyboard up there that you had to type a password (Mississippi, the longest word she knows) in order to enter.
She's quite the setter-upper. Too bad she's not much of a cleaner-upper.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If you give a two year old....

If you are making chocolate chip cookies, your two year old will ask for a chocolate chip. You will give her one, then she'll ask for more. She'll take those chocolate chips over to the couch. She'll drop a few down between the couch cushions. Then your eight year old will sit on the couch and get melted chocolate chip all over her pants. Then you will have to spray'n wash her pants. Then you will have to clean out between the cushions of your couch. While you do this your two year old will see the chocolate chip and want another one. And chances are if you give her another one, it will end up in the couch again (no, I did not give her anymore, she just had a cookie while stuck in her seat at the counter).
True story. At least now it is 8:40 and the two year old and eight year old are in bed. As for the chocolate on the pants, I guess I'd better do laundry tomorrow.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

All dressed up

I managed to get the kids dressed up in their Easter clothes today. I love these dresses! Some of the dots are orange, that's why they have orange in their hair & the boys have orange on.
Mason insisted on wearing his sports coat to church, along with a red stripped tie (it had stripes, like his shirt, so in his mind it matched just fine). I'm not sure where he gets his love of sports coats & ties from
Mitchell is the big 9 months today. Wow!
Emma has taken a motherly role to him lately, not a helpful one though. She likes to get into his crib while he's taking a nap to wake him up. Yesterday I found her in Mitchell's crib feeding him cheez-it. His bed was full of orange crumbs. Yum.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mason's bathroom

Do I have a future dentist on my hands???
Mason seems to have a thing for toothbrushes & toothpaste. Too bad he does not care much for using toothpaste caps. And no wonder when Isaac (his cousin) sleeps over he does not want to brush his teeth in Mason's bathroom!

Mitchell's busy day

Mitchell has been working hard the past few days to get another tooth. It's been painful for all of us.
This morning he refused to take a nap in his bed. I put him in this little seat while I emptied all the candy filled eggs from Easter (hadn't I put all that candy in just a few days ago?!).
I walked out of the kitchen for a minute & came back to a poor tired little dude.

He was still holding his little feeder full of a squashed banana. Yes, he was wearing a pink bib, it was the only clean one I could find.
After a real nap in his bed, we took Mitchell to Cookie Cutters for his first hair cut. He did great!

Here he is with his mohawk before it was cut off. Love the look on his face! Emma's quite sober in the background.
Here is the finished product (with a bit of wolf in the top, see a previous post about that). Mitchell actually was a little too good because the guy got a bit carried away & cut more off the back than I wanted.
Someone (Emma???) opened his lollipop that was tied to his balloon & gave it to him once we got home. He loved it!


Dying Eggs! Mitchell wanted to be part of the action.
This was Emma's first time helping us. Usually we dye eggs after she's in bed or taking a nap. She thought this was lots of fun.
They used spoons & dippers at first, then decided hands worked better. Good thing we'd done this on Friday so their hands were back to normal for Sunday.
The eggs. The front ones were boiled, the rest were all the raw eggs in the fridge. Now I get to cook with colored eggs for a while.
Easter morning. It was General Conference, so we did not have church & did not get dressed up in fancy clothes. I'll have them wear their Easter dresses & shirts next week. The kids all got these shirts & sunglasses in their baskets (or buckets).
Mitchell raiding his basket.
Emma got to find princess "eggs".
Emma & Ava at Grandma & Grandpa's house.
Sarah & Allie.
The grandkids on my side of the family, missing the oldest, Megan, & the youngest, Mitchell.
Cousins on Todd's side playing a game.
We had a busy day with both sides of the family, lots of egg hunts & two dinners.