Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sarah's trip to Alaska!

Posted by Sarah.
My grandma and grandpa Call took Morgan and I to Alaska.We stayed at Jen and Jimmy's house.
On Sunday after church we went to the park and played,then we went for a walk.Morgan and I got to take turns holding Jen's dog,Koda's leash.This is a stump with bottle caps all over it.

Later that day Jen wanted to take us to The Animal Conservation Center by her house.There were all sorts of animals there.The moose were walking around.

This bear is sitting in the water eating a fish.I guess the fish was really tasty because he was in their for a long time.

I'm pretty sure these are Musk Ox,but I'm not sure.They were shedding their winter coats and looked kind of odd.

The caribou.

I think this eagle's wings got burned in a wild fire and can't fly anymore.He was one of my favorite things.

The owls were my favorite animal at the conservation.This one had both of it's eyes closed so we were making some noise so it would open his eyes.

On Monday we went to the Sea Life Center in Seward.The crab put on a show for us.

This is a picture of me taking a picture of the camera by the touching pools.

A seal.

In the touching pools there were Sea Stars,and sea urchins to touch.Even grandma touched some sea stars.

The sea stars were very neat to touch.They felt so weird.

My favorite thing at the Sea Life Center was the puffins.This one is swimming underwater really fast.

This one was sitting on the wall right by me.He looked so fluffy and I wanted to touch him but he probably would not have liked that.

This was the grump head fish.He looked like he was frowning.

Jellyfish.When I touched the glass of the jellyfish tank I felt a little electric shock.

This is what I call the tin can cabin.It was teeny.

Here is Morgan and me by the bear at Aleyaska Resort.Yes we are wearing rain ponchos,it was rainy all that day.

We tried on hats in the sport store.

 On Wednesday Jimmy took us on a raft ride.In that picture I was wearing about one million layers.I'm wearing 4 things over my legs, 2 pairs of socks, 5 things over my arms, a hat, and mittens.Nonie went on the raft ride too.Koda didn't get to go on the raft, instead he sat in Jen and Jimmy's car.

Here's Jimmy and Morgan on the raft.I have no idea why Morgan is making that face,I think he was chewing his snickers bar.

On Thursday we all rode the tram up to the top of the mountain to where Jen and Jimmy got married.

There was still a lot of snow at the top and it was pretty blinding.

These are the same hand puppets Jen sent us for Christmas a couple years ago.

The other tram as it passed us coming down.

On Friday our last day we went to Whittier.This is inside the tunnel to get to Whittier.

The adults wanted to do a glacier cruise.So we went on a five hour glacier cruise.It was lots of fun.

Here's me in front of the HUGE glacier.

There was a ranger on board the ship and at the beginning of the tour he asked all the kids if they would like to be Junior Rangers.Morgan and I said yes so we got a booklet to work on through the entire cruise.At the end of the tour there was a little ceremony where the ranger gave all of the Junior Rangers their badges.

When we got back to Jen's house I wanted to take some pictures of Koda before we left. These are my best shots of him.

Morgan and I had so much fun in Alaska.I can't wait to go back some day.

First week out of school

Our June was CRAZY BUSY!
Mason had a Cougar Alumni Basketball camp starting the day school got out.  He did it with his cousin Isaac.  They had a great time!

Mason earned his brown with a yellow stripe belt from karate.  Another belt closer to black.

We went to Dinosaur National Park with my side of the family.  It was HOT.

This is by the visitor's center.  Sorry, I could not figure out how to get the picture to rotate....

This is in the quarry.  The new building was just completed last fall.

We had fun looking at the dinosaur bones.  Mitchell had fun running up and down the ramp in the building.

We thought we should put this picture on our Christmas card as our new summer cabin.  This cabin belonged to a woman who lived alone here for 40 years.

We saw some indian petroglyphs.

We camped by this lake. 

Our campground was very dusty.  Mitchell had a GREAT time.  He loves to be dirty.

The boys roasting sticks in the fire.

Emma had Ava sleep in the trailer with us.  They were excited to have a "sleepover"  oh yeah.

The day after getting back from Dinosaur Land we went to Lagoon.  Mitchell and Emma loved it.
I don't have any pictures of Sarah because she had to leave early to go to a ballet class.  I only have a couple of pictures of Mason because he was off on all the big rides most of the time.

Mitchell and Emma went on the bumper cars at least 15 times.  The ride would end, they would come out, they would get back in line, drive around, and repeat.  The worker would have been smart to just leave them in their cars.  They both were pretty good little drivers by the end of the day.

Mitchell was worn out from all his driving.

Sarah had a Jazz recital with her friends on Saturday.

After this recital we drove Sarah up to Bountiful so she could fly to Alaska that night with her grandparents and cousin Morgan.