Sunday, February 20, 2011

February fun

I uploaded my camera today & found all sorts of pictures.
I bought the kids fake pillow pets (half the price!). Everyone thought they were great, except Sarah. Such is life.

My nieces have been babysitting a lot for us lately. It's great, Todd & I get out, & our kids have fun with their cousins.
A few weeks ago we came home to the kids all playing Wii. Notice Emma's "special" remote, it belongs to an old DVD player or something. She chooses a character that she thinks she is playing & follows right along. Too bad the "special" remote does not work when nobody else is playing!

Mitchell has now given us a reason to flip all the stools back onto their legs.

Emma has a little alcove in Sarah's room as her room right now. Sarah & her friends have been hard at work lately rearranging Sarah & Emma's room. This has resulted in a new bookshelf for Sarah & a desk that is on its way. Sarah's room is still a mess, but I'm hoping once the bookshelf arrives she & her friends will finish the job!
Emma the baby doll.
Mitchell likes to hide in the cupboard of our entertainment center. That would be fine, except he throws all the DVDs out first.

We had a neighbor girl over on Valentines. She & Emma found a necklace lip gloss thing & decided it was for more than just their lips.
Mason is back in Transformer mode (see last year about this time). This is a tank, Brawl, that I made for him.

Todd made this one (I'm out of the business now). It's going to be Bumblebee once it gets painted.

Ok, that should do it for this post!

Todd's day off

Todd had a post call day off on Friday. I suggested he go skiing since it had snowed earlier in the week. He had other plans.

Skiing would have been a lot cheaper.
Now we don't have to worry about burning out the transmission on our Expedition when we pull our trailer.