Thursday, August 20, 2009

too much to blog

I have not been on here lately because I have not been home much!
The week after Mitchell's blessing we had parts of our basement cut into for yet another sump pump & some drains or trenches or something. I managed to stay away as much as possible that week. One of the days the guys came & started jackhammering down there before we left. Emma was scared to death by the noise. I could not get her out of the house fast enough.
Where did we go instead of being home??? Shopping of course, for a few of the days. I got some fun stuff to put up in my house. I still need lots more & someone to come help me put it all up!
By the end of the week of not being able to be home & Emma being very clingy I had had it! I was trying to get us ready for a trip up to Snowbird, but could never be home to pack & do laundry. Anyway, I basically lost it, so my sister Lori offered to take Mitchell for the night. She almost got to do it, but then Todd's sister, Jen, was in town from Alaska & she insisted she take Mitchell. Great! She & Todd's mom also kept Mason & Sarah for the night so Emma had me all to herself for 24 hours & I made it to the store with just one (so nice). Emma was a bit confused not having anyone else around but she liked all the attention. Mitchell seemed different to me when they brought him back after being gone for 24 hours. I've never been away from my newborn that long.
Saturday of that busy week we headed up to Snowbird. Todd's family has had a time share there forever & we were lucky enough to buy one for ourselves. It was nice to get away, even though Emma was a grumpy kid much of the time (I thought for sure our neighbors would try to have us kicked out with all her morning screaming).
I'll post pictures one of these days, I hope!
We came home on Friday, luckily to a dry basement, whew.
Saturday we had a Loveridge family reunion in Hobble Creek Canyon. It was fun to see everyone.
Now we are to this week, which has also been busy. On Monday I braved my first shopping trip alone with all 4 kids. We went to Kohls & they all did quite well. It could have been because I was buying things for Sarah & Mason or because I'd promised them Happy Meals if they would cooperate, who knows.
Todd & I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on the 18th. We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, with the kiddos. Hopefully this weekend we'll go somewhere without them, even though they did quite well at the restaurant.
Sarah started 2nd grade today. She was very nervous. The two girls in our ward that she has played with that are also starting 2nd grade are not in her class. She was sad about that. She has been to a different school for each grade, hopefully she'll finish out at this one! We don't have a bus for school, but luckily we are in a carpool so she'll have someone to walk in with & I don't have to drive all the time!
That's it, I think. I'll post pictures sometime, when I don't have a squirmy baby on my lap or a 4 year old wanting some attention.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mitchell's blessing

Today we blessed Mitchell. He did great, he was quiet during the blessing & was alert & looking around during most of the rest of the meeting. Hope he stays so good! As for the others, well, the picture tells all.

I love his hair over his collar. I don't see this view of Mitchell much.
After a good nap & a bottle, Mitchell let us take some cute pictures. He's lying on my Bethlehem baby blanket. I'd bought this blanket in Jerusalem (I was told it was made in Bethlehem) 13 years ago. I have used it for each baby blessing.
I love these little pictures, but am once again reminded why I rarely buy baby clothes with collars!

We had a big brunch at our house after the meeting. This was our first time to host a big event in our new house. Luckily the basement has dried out & the kids had fun wiggle racing down there. Now I can relax until our next big event, Sarah's baptism on Halloween.