Saturday, March 26, 2011

Masonisms again

Mason comes up with funny things sometimes.
Yesterday he had a karate tournament. All of the participants got a blue ribbon with "Good job" written on it in gold. He is convinced that he got 1st place since his ribbon is blue with gold writing on it. I've tried to tell him otherwise but he'll hear none of it, telling me that someone got a red ribbon with silver writing on it. Fine. As long as he does not announce to his karate class that he got first place & embarrass himself.
Today we went to Bountiful to take Sarah to a birthday party. We went over to my parents's house while Sarah was gone. My sister also lives there & was home alone. When I told Mason that grandma & grandpa would not be there he was a bit surprised. He said "I did not know Becky was old enough to babysit herself". I had to remind him that she baby sat him for several days while I was out of town last fall. I think she'll be ok!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The kids did not have school last Monday. We did not want to stay home, so we went to Grandma & Grandpa L's with cousins for lunch then to the zoo.
It was a drizzly day & we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves. The kids had a great time, until the gift shop when Emma had major meltdown over an elephant stuffed animal.
The kids chased a peacock.

The boys were on some silly animals. Mason was on a turkey.

Emma had a giraffe shirt in honor of her cousin Becca who had been a giraffe in Suessical at her school.

Emma insisted on pushing the stroller. Fine with me!

The gorilla put on a good show for us. Shortly after this picture he upchucked in his hand then licked it clean, so gross!

We had a great time! We bought passes so we'll have to go again one of these days (as long as I promise to buy the stuffed elephant).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

20 months & 40 months

Mitchell is 20 months now, the age Emma was when Mitchell was born.
I am SO HAPPY to NOT be having a baby right about now! I think I'm still recovering!
I found this great shirt for Mitchell. I ordered it online & had only seen the front.
The back is my favorite part!
He proved the need for adult supervision when I let him outside for a while. He found the swimming pool full of recently melted snow. He decided to go for a swim & have a drink. He's going to love summertime when it's actually warm enough to be wet!

Emma tried driving the Barbie jeep this week. She just kept going back to the fence, forward to the house, back to the fence, forward to the house. She does not really have the turning thing down. We need a bigger yard for her to drive this thing!
Emma is into pink & princesses right now (go figure, she is 3 after all!). This is the dress she HAD to have yesterday while we were at the mall. Pretty fancy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mason's yellow belt

Mason earned his yellow belt in karate on Saturday. He's pretty excited!

Our prima donna

Emma often has this look on her face. It's the I-will-not-smile-because-you-asked-me-to-and-I-only-do-what-I-want-to-do look.

Here she is looking at clothes on the Children's Place website.
She had just gotten up & I was leaving the house for the day (how dare I do such a thing!).

Sarah & Co.

Sarah has always been a setter-upper (never a cleaner-upper though). I used to have to "pick" flowers from our couch in Rochester before sitting down to watch tv.
She & her friend, Kaitlyn, have been rearranging her room recently. That was fine with me since I did not know where to start in there. They've done a good job (other than not nearly enough stuff has been tossed). Anyway, they hit a point where nothing more could be done in Sarah's room until her new desk arrived. Did that stop them from setting up & arranging? No. They just brought all sorts of things out onto the landing outside all the bedrooms upstairs to make a house.

Here's the bedroom area. They even moved a book shelf out of the playroom.
Here is the kitchen/living area.
Computer area.
The shelf attached to the rocking chair & kitchen tumbled as Sarah sat in the chair, starting the cleaning-up phase. That part was not nearly as fun.