Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gingerbread houses

Tonight we decorated gingerbread houses. The ones I bought this year were already put together, nice! My kind of house.
The kids had fun decorating them & eating the frosting.

Mitchell came along after the big kids were done & decided to try some candy for himself.
Sarah was not too happy to learn that someone had been nibbling on her house! Mitchell was very proud of himself & strutted off with a mouthful of candy.


We spent Thanksgiving with Todd's family this year.
We had a yummy dinner, even the kids ate (which is a rare thing at a family gathering).
After dinner, the kids played a dress up game with a box of real treasures. Aunt Jen used to love to get dressed up for parties, so there were some awesome things in there.
Emma found some great glasses & a nose.
Mason & Sarah both have some leg warmers on along with all sorts of other stuff.
After the dressing up, we visited Todd's grandparents. Mitchell enjoyed great grandpa's walker. He also liked messing with great grandma's oxygen tank. He's a busy one.

It was a fun day with family!

Ski School

I have never learned to ski. Todd took me once when we were first married, but that has been it.
This year I signed Sarah & myself up for ski school. Sarah was not happy that I signed her up & even more unhappy after our first lesson. Here's to hoping the next two go a little better!

My sister Becky joined us. She & I had fun, despite the wind pelting "dippin dots" snow in our faces the entire time!

Emma's three!

Emma turned three a couple of weeks ago. So far, I'm liking her as a three year old much more than I liked her as a two year old! She's mellowed out a little lately. She also is into just getting ready & going to be when she's tired, amazing! She likes to play with her toys without me sitting right by her (I've never had a child that plays with toys without me! It's nice). She fights with her brothers quite a bit, but that's life I guess.
She's into princesses lately, especially "Sleeping Cutie" so I braved a fancy cake for her.

I cut into Sleeping Cutie & about cut her leg off. Emma was a bit concerned that her doll was stuck in a cake.
Mitchell enjoyed his cake too!

Todd's birthday present

A few weeks ago I blogged that it was Todd's birthday. A few days after his birthday, he bought himself a present. Mason was so excited when Todd bought this he almost passed out at the dealership.
The next morning, Mason was out there first thing to sit on it to make sure he had not been dreaming. Emma's got an old helmet on, just to be safe.
Todd's taken Mason for a few rides (not in our neighborhood of course, there is a cop that loves to ticket people for riding on these around our neighborhood). They have had a great time. Mason can hardly wait until he's old enough to get a little one to drive himself (how old does he need to be??? 21???)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nice Week!

We've had a super busy week! The weather was awesome & we had lots going on.

Sarah & a couple of friends want to make a magazine. They have been dressing up in her clothes & going around the house & yard taking pictures. The pictures are fun, some of the poses make me laugh.
Sarah was in "Pioneer Legacy" a ballet her teacher wrote. Sarah was an angel protecting the pioneer children as they crossed the plains. It was a neat ballet & I'm happy Sarah got to be a part of it.
Sarah raised the most money for the third grade in her walk-a-thon (she walked/ran more laps than I though she would!). She went to lunch with the winners from each grade & her principal. They all rode together in a limo.
We had such great weather, we decided to go to the park. Mitchell had fun toddling around, wishing he could climb up everything.

Today Todd is 35. He was on call, but got to spend most of the day home. He bought himself the George Washington at Valley Forge painting by Arnold Freiberg. He's wanted that forever. Now we just need to finish the basement to have a place to hang it!
Mason lost his first tooth tonight. It's been really wiggly for a few days. Tonight he let me pull it out. He was so excited. He had me write a note to the tooth fairy that he'd like to keep his tooth & that he'd take good care of it.