Saturday, September 11, 2010

14 months & TROUBLE

Mitchell is a big 14 months today.
He decided to welcome the big day not by walking yet, but by stretching way up to try to open the door to outside. Great. Once he can open doors our lives will really be chaos!
This kid is our most inquisitive by far. He loves to lift the heat vent covers from the floor & try to back down into them. He's figured out how to lift the toilet lid & splash in the water. He finds that Sarah & Emma's room is a real goldmine (it is, but to a 14 month old it's quite hazardous!). When we are outside he does not like to crawl on the grass, he prefers trying to crawl on the curbing around the flower beds, once he follows that to the RV pad he crawls in circles around the trailer. He's also discovered how to crawl up our big yellow slide on the swingset. He usually gets stopped at the bump in it, but Sarah says he's made it all the way to the top, yikes.
He's quite the little dude!

Since originally posting this, he did get the outside door open & crawled on out. I also saw him make it to the top of the yellow slide, crawl onto the platform, & bounce around excitedly since he'd made it up. It was a bit scary for me to watch.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And he's off!

Mason started kindergarten today!!! Yay!
He's in the afternoon class, so all morning he's been asking "is it time to go yet?"
After his favorite lunch lately of bowtie noodles it was finally time to take him!
We went into his classroom & he marched to the rug to sit down without a backward glance.
He did wave as he saw me through the window. He was excited, but nervous too. He did not know anybody in his class. As we drove to school he said "I'll make lots of new friends, maybe even some girls."