Sunday, July 8, 2012

End of the school year

The end of the school year was super busy!
Sarah had been in Shelley Sounds, the school's choir.  She went to school early two days a week for rehearsal.

The fourth grade always does a pioneer trek.  The day started out beautiful, but....

by the time they passed my house on their way to the hollow on the other side of that field it was blowing like crazy & starting to rain.  They ate lunch in pouring rain then hustled back to the school for the rest of their activities that are usually done in the hollow.  It was a bummer the trek was rained out but it certainly gave them a more authentic experience!

Emma's last day of preschool.  She (and I) can't wait for it start again!

Some of Emma's class with her teachers, Mrs. Stephanie & Miss Sydney

The elementary does a dance festival every year.  The fourth graders got to square dance. I took this picture from across the field & Sarah did not know I was even taking it.  Pretty impressive that she's looking right at the camera.

The first graders were bum my bears.  Mason is in the purple.

Mason got his face painted at field day.

 The last day of school.  First grade for Mason & fourth for Sarah.

The last day of school went from 8-9:30 am.  Was it worth getting them there & home again, I'm not sure!

Emma had to have my sister make her a pioneer skirt like Sarah.  She chose sparkly butterfly fabric so I called her the Fairy Godmother Pioneer.


These are pictures from March, April and May.
Emma had used the little red bike last year.  This year I realized Mitchell would need the red bike so Emma got a new one.  She learned to ride it without training wheels in May (I think!).  We joke that Mitchell will be riding a two wheeler before he's potty trained.

Mitchell had a thing for the dishwasher soap for a while.  He'd carry the packets around & even need to have some in his bed.  I'm still finding them in random places.

Mitchell has always loved the toilet, obviously.  But now that we have started potty training he only likes his little one.  Grrr. 
Mason had a first grade field trip to the zoo.  Here he is with some classmates & his teacher.

During spring break we went with cousins to the This is the Place Heritage Park.  We had fun seeing some pioneer houses, ploughing a field, & holding the baby animals.

Mitchell thought the train driver looked like Santa.  Too bad I did not get a picture of him.

These two are scary drivers!  I also need a bigger backyard for this thing.

They found a worm.  It was pretty exciting.

Mason has outgrown the jeep.  Too bad, he was a good driver!

Mitchell loves to "help"

Mother's Day

Sarah had a Mountain Man Rendezvous at school.  I helped out with the leather works.

My nephews dug a huge hole in their backyard.  It was the main attraction at a family party.

Ballerina and a wanna-be.

Ready for a day of fun!

Nearly every day after lunch these two wanted to be pushed on the swings.

The girls got some Oobees (fuzzy slippers) before the store closing.  They were sad to see the store go.

Mason was in a karate tournament.  He got first in his little group for weapons.  He did a form using nun-chucks.

Easter, finally!

I have not blogged FOREVER!!!  I'm having a terrible time getting it to work.  Here are Easter pictures in a really random order.

Here are the kids washing hands after egg dying.  To see the eggs, go to the end of the post.

Mitchell & Emma on Easter morning.

All four kids looking at the camera, amazing!  They all got Webkinz in their baskets.

Counting eggs after the backyard hunt, the first hunt of the day.

Mitchell & his cousin Claire after the second egg hunt of the day.

The last hunt of the day.  I'm posting this in July & we still have Easter candy in the pantry!

This shirt was in Mitchell's Easter basket.  

The kids love to climb on Grandma & Grandpa's shed.  The adults are not sure why!

The Easter baskets before being raided.

And the egg dying picture, while the hands were still clean.  We dye a few boiled ones then all the raw eggs in the fridge.  It's fun to cook with colored eggs in the weeks following Easter.  This year the kids got ahead of me & started to dye the raw eggs before I could put the boiled ones away.  I was able to get most sorted correctly but did find a few boiled while cooking.