Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our new set of wheels

With #4 on the way we decided it was time for a bigger car.   We were not planning to buy quite yet, but we found a new car we liked.  So, last night we traded in our Explorer for this Expedition EL (that's the longer version).  
We were all sad to say goodbye to our old car.  Sarah cried while we signed the papers, then again as we pulled the kids' seats out.  She just sat in the backseat & did not want to get out (I'll admit, it was weird to just leave it there, this is only the third car we've ever purchased & the first time to get rid of one).  Todd was a bit sad too.
I was a bit nervous to drive this thing today, especially the in & out of the garage part, but it's not that different from our Explorer, so so far so good.  Mason is enjoying being in the very back.  He also loves the moon roof.  
Sarah was okay with the new car after school today & was excited to have her friend Kylee hop in on the way to piano lessons.  I guess she's over the old car.

American Fork Canyon

Sunday evening we went for a drive up American Fork Canyon.  I don't remember ever doing this in the winter.  It was really pretty.  The kids thought it was fun to go to a picnic place we'd last been to in the fall & see how different it was.

Friday the 13th fun

I had my ultrasound the morning of Friday the 13th.  My mom was here to get Sarah out the door to school.  Sarah has been BEGGING to wear this old dress as a shirt.  She loved this dress when she was 2 1/2 & it looked really cute on her.  Well, she found it in a box recently & has been wanting to wear it as a shirt.  She jumped on the chance on Friday since I was not around to say no.  Grandma was not too keen on the idea either, but it was time to head out the door so she let her go (I would have done the same thing too.  Clothes & Sarah are tough).  She was so excited to wear this.  My oh my!
Sarah had worked hard during the week to earn a sleepover.  We had Allie come.  They had a fun time.  I don't know why, but Allie wanted to watch some Planet Earth DVD's.  That was fine, until it came to the mating frogs.  Oh dear.  They just watched & said they were giving each other piggy backs, whew, no questions.
Mason got these great glasses in his BK kids meal.
Emma spent much of the day finding a random shoe & clunking around in it.  This is fun to watch, but does get hard to track shoes down when it's time to go somewhere.

Friday, February 13, 2009

And it's a.....

I had an ultrasound today.  I am participating in a thyroid study, so I got to have one a bit sooner than originally planned.  I'll have my official doctor's office one in a few weeks.  Anyway, baby was not shy & he decided to show his stuff.  Yep, it's a boy!  
My mom & two of my sisters had been betting on girl, so Becky, you won.  I should give you naming rights since I really have no ideas for this one (I did not have any girl names waiting either).  
Todd was thrilled & Mason is excited to get bunk beds.  Sarah is at school & does not know yet, but she was wanting a sister.  I'm happy to be keeping the girl boy girl boy thing going, but girl would have been nice for room sharing with Emma (since they will be only 20 months apart).  I am happy to finally know I can dump all my girl clothes off to my sister-in-law who had a girl last October.  Yea, a few less things to move & store.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A pump or a pager

Mason was just here begging me for a pager.  He thinks Todd's pager is really cool.  I explained that daddy needs that for work & told him he got it at the hospital.  
Mason then told me if he could not get a pager then he wanted a pump like Jonah, his cousin.  Jonah has diabetes & has a cool pump clipped to his belt all the time.  Mason is a bit jealous & has been for quite a while (he talks about it every time he sees Jonah).  I tried to explain that the pump gives Jonah medicine all the time & he got it from his doctor.  Mason wants me to go get him one tomorrow.  Hmm, don't think that's going to be happening.

Keeping the economy alive

Todd & I have been working really hard to keep the economy going.  We've spent way too much money the past 10 days or so.  We've purchased a washer & dryer, fridge, stove/oven, dining set, & put money down on shutters for all the windows (& there are lots!).  Hopefully we've sent a few of the guys working for commission home happy for a change!  This new home business is really expensive!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emma's fun lately

This was Todd's rocking horse when he was a kid.  Emma thought it was great!  I tried to upload a video of her rocking out on it, but after a bunch of tries it still was not working!!!!  She was having a great time. No fear in this one!

Emma has not had much outside time this winter.  I finally bundled her up & took her out last week.  She thought it was great.  She would not keep her hat or mittens on.  Every time she fell she'd cry as her hands touched the snow, but she still would not try those mittens.
Emma walked very carefully.  Her footprints made me laugh.

We have deer in our backyard quite frequently.  Emma always gets excited to see them.