Monday, September 14, 2009

Todd's finally done it

Todd has been looking at cars online for the last little while, more like long while. He's been debating between a full size truck, sporty sedan, small SUV, & everything in between.
He knew he'd need all wheel drive for those winter mornings when American Fork has not plowed yet (I am not sure they ever plow) & for getting up the canyon to ski.
I think he's felt the pressure from the work parking lot too. He took a picture in his parking lot the other day. Our little 99 civic was surrounded by big trucks.
So back & forth he's gone between one car to the next with a new favorite every day. Last week I told him to just buy something because I'm tired of hearing about various cars & he'll have so much more time once he quits looking at cars online all the time.
So, today he decided on something & purchased. Yeah! The best part was he did it without me coming along since I really do not like car shopping.
He got an Acura MDX. When we were first married he told me he'd like an Acura someday. Well, 11 years later, he's finally bought one.

The kids were excited to see a new car in the garage.
That gross oily cardboard is from the poor civic that is leaking since Todd had it in for a new timing belt.
Todd is trying to figure out all the bells & whistles this car has. Mitchell is patiently sitting on the passenger seat, probably thrilled to not be strapped into his carseat where he spends way too much time these days.

Friday, September 11, 2009

2 busy months

Mitchell is two months old today. It has gone really fast since we have been so busy, yet some days seem to last forever (luckily none of the nights have, he's a great sleeper!)
Here's the little guy or "mane man" as his shirt says a months ago, August 11. He spent his first month birthday in his car seat & stroller while we were at Snowbird doing various activities. He did not seem to mind a bit.
Mitchell is relaxing before bed after a long day of sleeping in his car seat at Snowbird.
Mitchell last Sunday (8 weeks old) giving me a grin. He'd started smiling the week before, at 7 weeks. He'd also started sleeping through the night (10p-6a) at 7 weeks, yeah!!!!!
Mitchell spent much of his two month birthday stuck in his car seat again while I went shopping with mom & Lori to buy house decorations. He did not sleep through it all though, he was awake much of the day. That makes for great nights but sometimes rough days!
Mitchell has really chubbed up this past month! He sure is a great little guy! We are happy he decided to join our family!