Saturday, December 31, 2011

November randoms

The kids finally talked me into a pet, fish that is.  They each have a Betta fish.  Sarah's is Noah, Emma's is Jewel Quartz, and Mason's is Jackson Austin.
Emma has become quite the little artist.

Sarah & Mason did Reflections this year.  Two of Sarah's projects went on to the district level.  Mason was a bit sad his did not.

Mason played on a rec center basketball team this year.  It was quite amusing!

Emma got this outfit for her birthday as well as the Rapunzal tower.

Mitchell always tries to escape whenever someone comes to the door.  He's an outside kid!

The kids' cousin, Becca, was a techie for Big at her high school.  We went to the show then had fun at the carnival after.  The kids loved throwing whip cream pies at some of the cast members.

Emma really got into the face painting business.

Time for Christmas decorations!

Sarah performed in a pioneer legacy ballet.  It was kind of amusing, she had the same part as last year.

Mitchell has found a new way to get into the pantry.  This kid is a bit too resourceful for me sometimes.

November Birthdays!

Three of the six of us have a birthday in November.  It gets kind of crazy!

We celebrated Emma's 4th birthday with her cousin, Claire, who was turning 3.

Emma got this fancy outfit from Grandma C.  She insisted on wearing the scarf to preschool.  It was in her bag when I picked her up.  I'm thinking it must have been a bit of a distraction!

We celebrated Emma, Todd, & Julie's birthdays all on the same day.  Emma got to choose the cake, obviously.

Todd got the Harry Potter Lego Night Bus for his birthday.  He & Mason had fun putting it together.

Some of Emma's birthday presents.
Julie got a day out shopping with her mom & sister.  It was fabulous!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Halloween 2011

We grew our own pumpkins this year.  We had lots!  It was fun.

Everyone was brave enough to stick their hands in to feel the pumpkin guts.

This pumpkin was not quite ready but it made a cool jack-o-lantern.

Mason was an army guy for Halloween. 

Sarah was a funky fairy for school dress up. 

Emma was Tiana with wings so she looked more like Tinker Bell.  Mitchell decided it was ok to wear the Elmo costume.  He loved trick or treating.  It was a perfect night, nice & warm!

The kids always want a "sick" jack-o-lantern.

Sarah & her friend Quinci.

Ready to head out for some CANDY!!!

Counting & sorting the loot.

The next morning many of our pumpkins were smashed.  At least the smashers saved a big one for me to get ready for Thanksgiving!

Mitchell really knows how to enjoy his candy!

Halloween Party

We have a Halloween party with my side each year.  We also celebrated Sarah's birthday.

Mason could not find all his army guy costume so he decided to be Mr. Andrews, the architect of the Titanic.  He's holding his blueprint of the ship.

Sarah was a Fancy Bat.

Mitchell was Elmo.

Emma was Tiana, but I did not get a good picture of her.  The kids love to jump in their costumes.

Sarah got a money notepad.  She does not want to spend the money since the pad is too cool.