Thursday, August 26, 2010


Mason's into telling me whatever he just did wrong was an "accident". Such as, "I accidentally hit Emma & made her cry" or "I accidentally squirted Mitchell in the face with a water gun while in the kitchen". Today's "accident" was a great one.
He & a friend & Emma were playing in the kiddie pools in our backyard. We have one placed at the bottom of the swingset slide. He came running in to tell me he'd "accidentally" put the slide INTO the pool & could not figure out how to get it back out. I really would have liked to see him "accidentally" lift it up. Hmm.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sarah's first day of school!

Sarah started third grade today! Yay!

The school did a red carpet welcome. There were teachers all dressed up to welcome the students back to school. Sarah ran through them before I could catch up to get a picture.
Mason had his kindergarten assessment. He's quite a numbers guy! I think he'll do well in math. He starts next Wednesday.

Final summer hurrah

We decided we'd better finish up the summer with some fun.
Monday we went to the Discovery Gateway Children's museum.
The kids had a great time!
Sarah working at the deli.
Mitchell & Emma in the toddler area.
Mason filling a car with gas.
Emma at the construction site.
Mason & Sarah on the news.

Mason & Emma flying a Life Flight helicopter.

Tuesday afternoon we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point with the Glines.

Sarah took over my camera so I have lots of animal photos & few of my kids.
It was a great way to end summer!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The big dozen

Todd & I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this week! Wow!
We went to see the Lion King to celebrate. It was great!


We made our yearly trip to Snowbird a few weeks ago. We had a great time, as usual! Sarah had Mary Jane come up with us. We were there with Todd's family, then had mine come up for a day.Sarah, Andora, & Mason by a stick fort that gets better every year.
Mason & Adeline at the park.
Andora & Mason falling off the cliff (to the hill & parking lot below).
Mitchell in the 5 point safety harness swing. All the kids love these swings.
Emma & Adeline.
Mitchell crawled all over the pavement while the big kids were bungie jumping & climbing the rock wall.
Sarah & Mary Jane mining for semi precious stones.
Mary Jane scaling the rock wall.
The kids at the top of Hidden Peak after riding the tram. I always get a heart attack up here chasing my kids around & hoping nobody falls off.
Mason figured out how to flip over on the bungies.
Sarah & Mary Jane racing down the alpine slide. I took Emma on this & she loved it. She like the chairlift ride up too (that part makes me nervous with her since she insists on her legs dangling & that she lean over the safety bar).
Sarah on the mechanical bull.
A hike to Cecret Lake. The kids all decided to put their climbing wall skills to the test on a real rock.
The flowers were gorgeous on the hike!

Cecret Lake.

Another rock to climb.
The end of the hike.
Emma & Ava getting ready to swim.
Mitchell, 13 months old on this day, loved playing with all the rafts in the hotel room. The poor guy had a gross nose & did not get to swim.
A lucky shot!
Ava, Liam, & Emma on the path to the park.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lagoon Day

We braved Lagoon this past Thursday. Luckily we did not have any rain this year, but it was HOT during the day!
Sarah brought Mary Jane who got Sarah onto a few big rides that she probably would not have tried. Mason was a dare devil. He even went on Wicked, which has a track like a giant upside down U. Emma loved everything she could go on, including Puff the little roller coaster.

Sarah's face as she came off the Spider.Mason enjoying a much needed snow cone.
Mitchell was a trooper. We just had to get him out of his stroller from time to time.
Sarah & Mary Jane on Odysea.

This is a clip of Emma, Ava, & Liam on the bumper cars. It was so funny to watch them. Ava & Emma tried again, Liam was too frustrated.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We finally had a chance to take our trailer out & get it dirty. We went up to Granite Flats in American Fork Canyon this past week.
. Mitchell was a rough one to camp with. The first morning Todd took him for a ride at 6:00 am because he would not stop crying. That night Todd just took him home to sleep & I stayed camping with the other kids. Other than that, we had a great time!
Allie & Sarah playing with the toy animals that live in Lori's trailer.
Emma did not want to roast her marshmallows, she liked them right from the bag. It was a chilly evening but she did not want to wear her jacket.
Isaac, Mason, & Jonah trying to catch a chipmunk.
Todd's marvelous dutch oven roast, carrots, & potatoes. Yum!
The boys climbing up the mountain right behind our camp.
Jonah decided to take Ava & Emma up the mountain. They thought it was pretty fun while their moms were a bit nervous to see them way up the hill!
Mason & Jonah doing what boys will do, fight with sticks that are on fire.
Emma on the last day looking like quite a mess.
Allie's trap finally did catch a chipmunk.
Poor Mitchell spent his camping days either in his stroller or pack & play. He cannot walk yet & a campsite is no place to crawl around! Yes, that is a trix stuck to his yucky nose! He had a bad cold.
Now the trailer is all parked & cleaned & we won't get a chance to use it again until this fall. Hopefully Mitchell will be walking by then & decide that sleep is a good thing.