Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy weekend

We decided to be tourists yesterday. We took the kids to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We visited the Beehive House. This is where Brigham Young lived. The kids seemed to enjoy the tour.

We walked around Temple Square a bit. There is a neat replica of the Salt Lake Temple in one of the Visitor's Centers that we looked at.

Emma & Mason enjoyed walking along the flower bed edges. Emma was a bit nervous & hunched over & walked very carefully.
After our Temple Square visit we decided to drive up to Bountiful. Our good friends, the Glines, were moving there sometime this past week. We were curious to see where they were moving & if they had possibly arrived.
We found their house then called them to make sure it was the right one. We told them we were just outside & wanted to visit (they were nice of to let us visit since they'd only arrived the day before). It was so good to see them! We are happy they are fairly close by.
Sarah & Mary Jane had been the best of friends in Rochester. Sarah was a bit nervous to see Mary Jane since it's been about a year & a half since they've seen each other. They must have had a good time though because all day Sarah's been planning what they can do when they get together again.
Too bad I did not get a picture of the girls together.
Today we visited Todd's grandparents. They just keep plugging along. Our kids are fortunate to get to know their great grandparents.
Now it's on to another week of summer. What shall we do?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mitchell climbing a mountain

Mitchell has found a new favorite place in our house, the stairs. He loves to go up them, then heads right for Sarah & Emma's room. If their door is closed, he'll just sit at the top of the stairs waving his arms & bouncing, waiting for someone to help him back down.
I'm dreading the day he stops waiting for help & tries it on his own. I've been working with him trying to teach him to slide down on his tummy, but it sure is a long staircase!

Sarah's Dance Recital

Sarah has been taking ballet this past year. Her recital was last Saturday. They did the ballet "Coppelia". It was a nice show. She was a village girl.

This was from the rehearsal. We could not take pictures during the performance.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This really is what you think it is.
It's been one of those days.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend.
Saturday morning we went up to the Heber Valley Railroad for a "Day Out with Thomas".
Sarah was grumpy at first not wanting to spend her first day of summer vacation riding on Thomas, but once we got there she thought it was pretty fun.
The kids liked the old train car. I was grateful we no longer have to travel the country in something so cramped (I did not realize it was possible to be more crammed in than on an airplane, but this train was pretty tight)

We went for a 20 minute round trip ride. That was long enough for the excitement to wear off.

Sarah got to help out during a magic show. She somehow made her rings get stuck together. She's not sure how she did it!

Sunday evening we put flowers on my grandparents' grave here in American Fork, then Monday morning we visited some of Todd's in Alpine & more of mine in the Salt Lake Cemetery. Then we headed to my parents' house for a late lunch.
The cousins all like to have a water fight. They got soaked.
Mason LOVED climbing an apple tree in the backyard. You can tell my kids only have sticks for trees in our yard. He can hardly wait to go to grandma's again to climb the trees.
All 12 of the cousins on my side with balloons Becky bought for her birthday to give to them.
It was a great kick off to summer!

Smart cookies

We've survived a week of summer, so I guess I'm past due with posting the last day of school pictures! Such is life.
Emma is 2 1/2 & LOVES puzzles. She's taken to the boxed puzzles. She whips through the 3 year old ones by herself. In this picture she's working on a 5 year old one. She needs help connecting big sections together, but otherwise can do it all by herself. Our kitchen table always seems to be covered with puzzles!

Mason attended two preschools this year. He went to "A Leap Ahead" with Miss Cathie M/W/F mornings. Here's his graduation from that preschool. He attended this last year too.

Mason also attended "Mother Goose Preschool" at our local rec center on T/Th afternoons. Here's that graduation.
It was great having him in two preschools, it just meant a lot of driving! Next year just taking him to kindergarten is going to be a breeze!
Sarah finished second grade & was very sad to be done. She did great. She loved her class & teacher & made some good friends. I just keep reminding her that she'll be going to the same school next year (her first time to do that!) & she'll probably see them all again.