Monday, December 22, 2008

7 months

So, what will I be doing seven months from today?  Hopefully having a baby (if not sooner!).  Yes, I am expecting, which is a REALLY big surprise!  I guess this is what Todd & I get for joking that Emma was working really hard to be the last!
We told the kids tonight.  Sarah was a little upset because she won't get the biggest kid bedroom at the new house, unless she wants to share it with Emma for a while.  Oh, the worries of a seven year old.  Mason seemed fine with it all.  When we asked him what he wants it to be he said a girl.  I think he just would not know what to do with a brother.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last year on the Friday before Christmas break Sarah was not feeling well.  She went to kindergarten anyway because she wanted to go to the class party.  When she got home she felt awful.  Poor kid.
Saturday morning I took her to the doctor.   Mason & 6 week old Emma came along since Todd was on call.  Sarah had strep throat.  We braved Target to pick up her prescription.
Now fast forward to this year.... Sarah called me after school on Monday from her friend's house, 4 doors away.  She told me she felt yucky & could not walk home.  It was snowing, so I was nice & picked her up.  She had a fever & kind of a sore throat.  She missed her Christmas dance class.
Tuesday it was snowing like crazy.  I dropped Mason off early at Lori's before preschool then took Emma with Sarah & me to the doctor.  Her strep test came back negative.
Well, all week long she's gone up & down with a fever, but started with a cough, so I figured it mush not be strep.  Mason & Emma have started with colds too.
Well, today Lori called & offered to stay home with Mason & Emma while I took Sarah in yet again, since of course, Todd is on call.
Today the test came back positive, so we braved Target to get the prescription.  What a nightmare.
So, next year when Sarah gets sick the week before Christmas, there will be no doubt in my mind what it is!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mason's birthday, finally!

Happy 4th Birthday Mason! His big day finally arrived!
He had preschool this morning, then we went to the mall to get his picture taken. He was cooperative but kept giving funny smiles with his chin jetting out. We did get some good shots though.

After Mason's pictures we had some lunch then he rode on the merry go round.

Grandpa & Grandma C came on Sunday night to celebrate (we'll celebrate with the other side this coming Sunday). They gave him this great builder set. He was thrilled!

And once again, how Mason arrived.....
Mason was due December 17. Todd was an intern at LDS Hospital. He was on an internal medicine rotation & was NEVER home. December 8 Todd had a work party at Ruby River. I'd had a doctor's appointment that day & seemed to not be getting any closer to delivery. I was tired & ready to be done.
We went to dinner that night & had a nice time. Todd stopped at the hospital to finish some paperwork & Sarah & I headed home to Centerville. Todd was going to have his first day of the month off the next day & was ready for some serious sleep.
I woke up around 12:30 am on the 9th, not sure if I'd just eaten way too much or if I was in labor. I realized it was labor & decided I'd better wake Todd, it was around 2:30. We gathered up my bag & called my parents. My mom headed over to be with Sarah as we left. I was really hurting, so we passed her on the road.
We walked up to labor & delivery around 3:30 am & told them I was in labor. I was given the "yeah right" look. The nurse took us to a room to check me. I was at a 7 or 8. Then she believed me & asked if I was ready for my epidural, um yes!
I think I had my epidural by 4:30 or so. It was great! We settled in to wait, I was told to get some sleep, ha.
Around 5:00 am I started feeling something happening. So the doctor was paged (not mine, but I really did not care). I pushed a bit & Mason was born at 5:37 am. He weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces & was about 21 inches long. It was a great delivery, my easiest by far.
Todd had that day off with us, he slept. The next day he worked while I was in the hospital. That was fine, he popped in occasionally throughout the day. His coworkers were kind enough to cover for him over the weekend, so he could take Mason & me home on Saturday.
Mason was a good but very hungry little guy. He was content to sit & watch the action of our house.
Sarah did fine with Mason. It was really weird for me when my mom brought Sarah to the hospital to see Mason. She seemed so big & then it really hit me that I had two kids. Yikes!
So, that's that & now he's four. It's gone really fast.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And she's off!

Emma has finally decided that walking is a good thing. She'll stand up & just take off sometimes. She is always really proud of herself. It's fun to just see her strolling along. She still falls alot, but she's getting the hand of it. She also seems to like to carry something while she walks, I guess it takes her mind off of actually walking.